Companies Surviving The Recession – Learn 3 Creative Strategies And Helpful Tips

Business In RecessionFor most companies surviving the recession, especially small businesses, the challenges can seem overwhelming. Most owners are working in excess of 70 hours each week, yet still have serious problems keeping up with the bills and finding spare time to spend with family. If you’re one of these people, you might think that taking time away from business to brainstorm would be a costly distraction. Read on and I’ll explain more about how you can use creative strategizing to your advantage.Creativity In Doing BusinessWhile it may not make sense at first, if you will set aside at least two hour to think through creative ideas or solutions, you will be making a good investment in your business. In order to illustrate this, I want to touch on at least three of these smart business tricks to give you some more information that may make yours one of the companies surviving the recession.Smart Business Tricks1. Linking ideas – One creative business trick is to consider ways to combine seemingly related ideas to create some innovative approach. This is brainstorming at its most basic. If you have a good idea, but one that’s been used before, you look for another good idea and see if they can be combined to form something new. This has been used to turn tired, old ideas into cutting edge innovations that have made businesses very successful even in hard times.2. Reverse of assumptions – Often when you get stumped by a difficult problem, one of the best strategies is to try reversing your current assumptions. This may turn your ideas entirely on their heads, giving you a fresh perspective and may potentially help you devise a solution. If you take this trick and use it to approach a serious issue in your business by looking at how things would be if you reverse a major assumption. Try it and see what you can come up with.3. List attributes – Look at your product and start listing its attributes down to the smallest factors. By knowing the subject from top to bottom, you may learn what works and what may need to be revised to better serve you during a recession period. The purpose is to be able to isolate specific items as a means of making the business better. Make this trick a part of your normal business practices.Further ThoughtsOne of the best “tricks” that will ensure your business is one of the companies surviving the recession, is to simply put in the time to think creatively about your business’ direction on a regular basis. Invest the time and be willing to think creatively as often as possible. It will give you a real edge in the market.